Terms & Rules







1.1 Film Festival is organized by the Tapeworm Foundation based in Łódź (90-254) ul.  Piramowicza 4/3 with KRS number:  0000504568, NIP:  7252075685, REGON: 10176784100000, which is the legal representative of all the issues of the Festival.

1.2 Montaż Film Festival 2017, hereinafter referred to as the Festival, will take place from 13 October to 14 October 2017 in the place indicated by the Organizer.

1.3 Festival Sections:

  • Main Competition
  • VR / 360 Film Screening
  • Audience Plebiscite




2.1.  Films to the Main Competition can be submitted in the following categories: Fiction, Documentary, Music Video, Trailer.

2.2. Films submitted to the Main Competition in the categories: Fiction, Documentary, must not be shorter than 5 minutes and not longer than 30 minutes. Films submitted to the Main Competition in the categories: Trailer and Music Video must not be shorter than 30 seconds and not longer than 10 minutes.

2.3. The submitted films cannot be older than 2 years, their edit should not end sooner than in 2015.

2.4. The submittant does not need to be an editor of the movie, the music video, or the trailer.

2.5. Submitting a film, video or trailer is done by official profile on the portal https://filmfreeway.com/festival/MontazFilmFestiwal festival. Submitting a film is synonymous with reading the contest regulations.

2.6. By July 1, 2017 submitting a film is free. From 1st July 2017, the Organizer establishes a $ 5.00 fee, from 15st July 2017, the Organizer establishes a $ 10.00 fee to be made through the filmfreeway.com portal using PayPal. The organizer declares that all the funds collected from the applications will be allocated to the organization of the event.

2.7. Filming education centers, otherwise known as film schools, are exempt from the registration fee.

2.8. The films presented at the Festival are in the original language version with English subtitles. The organizer prefers copies with English subtitles. Submittants are required to provide the organizers with a transcript in English in .srt / .txt format and a link to a film with English subtitles.

2.9. The deadline for submitting films is set by the Organizer for August 25, 2017.

2.10. The Organizer entrusts the film selection and inviting films for the Festival to the Festival Selection Committee.

2.11. The Selection Committee will evaluate the compatibility of the film with the selected category and the criteria listed above. The Selection Committee is not obliged to justify the selection decisions.

2.12. The Organizer reserves the right to announce the selection results no later than 30 days before the festival starts. Results will be notified to the submittants who have qualified for the Competition.

2.13. The number of films qualified for the Main Competition will be determined by the Selection Committee. The main criterion of the Selection Committee will be film montage, analyzed in technical and artistic terms. The organizer will prepare the program of the festival.

2.14. A qualified film can be withdrawn from the program no later than 10 days after the organizer has sent the information about its acceptance.

2.15.  Upon receipt of the qualification information, the submittant is obliged to send the film in the best quality (.mov format in PRORES 422 HQ or .mov format in H.264 codec (20 MB/s minimum bitrate) no later than 10 days before the start of the festival.

2.16. With each qualified film the Festival must receive: a description of the film, photos from the film and the editor’s presentation.

2.17. Of the films qualified for the Main Competition, by way of voting, the winner of Audience Award – the Golden Cut statuette will be elected.

2.18.  The Festival does not bear the costs associated with the execution of the competition entries, the journey to the contest or the receipt of the award.

2.19. The condition for the selection is sending the film by the deadline through the platform indicated by the organizer. Submitting a film is equivalent to the fact that the submittant is entitled to submit and is entitled to all copyrights and related rights (producer, executive) or is authorized by the holder of such rights to act on his behalf and on his behalf within the scope of the submitting.

2.20. The Submittant declares that the film or music video is not subject to the rights of third parties and that such rights are not infringed. In the event that any entity claims to the Organizer with claims of infringement of third parties’ rights (in particular copyright, executive, producer rights), the Applicant undertakes to fully satisfy their claims and to release the Organizer from any obligation to do so.

2.21. Submitting a film, a music video or a trailer to the Festival is equivalent to granting the Organizer a free license to use the film in the manner specified in the Regulations and in a timely manner enabling the film, music video or trailer to participate in the Main Competition if it is qualified.

2.22. The festival reserves the right to discontinue, cancel or change the date of the Competition.

2.23. The Main Competition, whose terms are determined by the Festival above, is not a “random game”, a “lottery”, a “mutual bet” or a “lottery”, the outcome of which depends on the case (draw) within the meaning of art. 2 of the Act of 29 July 1992 on games of chance and mutual wagons (Journal of Laws No. 62, item 341, as amended).




3.1. The Main Competition Prize will be awarded on the basis of the decision of the Independent Jury.

3.2. The Prize in the Main Competition is the statuette “Golden Scissors” and full version of the newest Avid Media Composer software.

3.3. The Audience Award will be awarded based on the number of votes specified on the special ballot cards. Only the films that qualify for the Main Competition will enter for the Audience Plebiscite.

3.4. The award in the Audience Plebiscite is the statuette “Golden Cut”

3.5. The prize is given to the editor of the film, music video or trailer. One person will be awarded a prize in each category.




4.1. The festival has the right to use fragments of the film (no longer than 3 minutes), trailers and photos from the film for promotional purposes and PR.

4.2. The festival has the right to include information about the film on the official Facebook website of the festival and all other promotional publications (including catalog, program, press release, website, etc.).

4.3. The festival reserves the right to use promotional materials both before, during and after the Festival.




5.1. VR / 360 film screening is not of competitive character.

5.2.  The films submitted to the screening will be shown throughout the festival at the VR stand prepared by the Organizer. Access to the stand will be open to all festival guests.

5.3. Submitting a film to the screening is done through the official FilmFreeway website at https://filmfreeway.com/festival/MontazFilmFestiwal.

5.4. Submitting a film to the screening is free.

5.5. The Organizer reserves the right to select the films to be reviewed.

5.6. Each of the selected films will be available for distribution on the VR Storytales platform, with the agreement of the parties, i.e. the film’s creator and the platform’s representative. This is not an obligatory option, the Festival Organizer is not responsible for the terms of the possible contract between the author of the film and VR Storytales.

5.7. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the Review.


6.1. In case of doubt, the final interpretation of the regulations belongs to the Organizer.

6.2. For questions about submitting and selection of films, please contact: info@montazfilmfestiwal.pl